Sailboat Charters in the Caribbean Virgin Islands

Primadonna 2 Sailboat Charters

Sailboat Primadonna 2 is a strong ocean going charter cruiser designed for 8 guests (12 for family) and built to satisfy the pure natural temptation in all of us. Imagine tropical Caribbean islands suspended in time and smoothed by gentle surf? This paradise encourages sailing, snorkeling, swimming, exploring uninhabited islands, or scuba diving where dolphins and mermaids play.

You set your itinerary where the powder white beaches are kissed by the sun and relaxing under a coconut palm, on a foot print free beach is a way of life. Choose any one of the many water sports we have to offer, or enjoy an ice cold margarita and savor the moment.

Welcome friendly vacationer!
Let my lovely wife Barbara and I take you on a private cruise through the Caribbean in comfort. Lie at anchor in one tranquil bay after another, as sea turtles surround you basking in the sun. Work on your tan lines while reclining on one of our floating mats. Let the clear waters refresh your spirit while the gentle tradewinds melt away the stress.

Barbara and I (Captain Harry) have a passion for chartering in paradise. We would be delighted to have you onboard our 75 foot Formosa Primadonna 2.

Meals and cocktails aboard Primadonna 2 are truly remarkable. Your masterful chef is trained to accommodate just about every food request you might have - including any special restrictive dietary requirements. We strive to ensure that each meal aboard Primadonna 2 will be a memorable one.


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