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Captain Harry & Barbara Bolinger

Caribbean Sailboat Charters
Harry and Barbara know how to offer guests an exclusive mixture of sailing, exploring uninhabited islands, snorkeling, scuba diving or simply relaxing onboard with a tropical drink. They are an experienced crew who take pleasure ensuring their guests enjoy all the delights of a sailing vacation in the Virgin Islands.

Harry and Barbara both grew up in Switzerland and have been a team for 20 years. Harry started sailing when he was a child, and represented the Swiss National Team in the 1988 regatta. Their dream came true when they crossed the Atlantic with their own 37’ft sailboat shortly thereafter. In 1990 they started chartering in the Caribbean onboard Caribbean sailboat Prima Donna. In 2002 they purchased Prima Donna 2, a Formosa 75. Harry’s knowledge and enthusiasm makes for exciting and informed snorkelling and scuba diving adventures.

Barbara has an excellent background after working in high-end German restaurants in and around Switzerland. This background has projected her to be one of the top cuisine queens in our industry. Her cuisine variety is European, Caribbean and American. Presentation is a high point in her culinary delights. A high point is always a barbecue at a lonely sandy beach with full moon and starlight at night. Barbara plans her menus around your specific likes and dislikes.

When guests are considering selecting a yacht and crew, it is the attitude of your captain and chef team which is paramount. If you want fun, friendly folk who run that extra 2 miles for you, then Barbara & Harry are the best in the Industry!


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